Shipping costs with DHL from Europe to the USA and Canada by Tie Solution GmbH

Standard shipping with DHL

Until 5 Kilos 47,99 eur
Until 10 Kilos 64,99 eur
Until 20 Kilos 86,99 eur
Until 31,5 Kilos 115,99 eur

Estimated transit time Standard (business days): 10-12.

Shipping costs with DHL Express from Europe to the USA and Canada

Until 5 Kilos 81,13 eur
Until 10 Kilos 99,94 eur
Until 20 Kilos 143,93 eur
Until 31,5 Kilos 217,34 eur

Estimated transit time Express Service (business days): 6

You wish express shipping, we collaborate with UPS, FedEx. Please feel free to approach us regarding this.

The currently applicable price lists of the transportation companies are valid.

Customs duties or any other fees incurred in the USA or Canada are the responsibility of the local company.